Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision
“Excellence in health care through quality performance and service delivery”

Our Mission
“To deliver efficient and effective health care services in accordance with standards and policies that are: sustainable, accessible, affordable and equitable”

Our Goal
‘To assist the Government meet the health care needs of Samoa through the development,provision and management of health services”

Our Core Business
”Prevention, Treatment and Patient Care”

Our Commitment To Continuous Learning
“Excellence in service through continued professional development”

Our Principles and Values
In the execution of our daily work, all staff shall be guided by these principles and values.

Weare committed to upholding the principles of:

  • Good governance;
  • Accountability; and
  • Transparency

National Health Service’s shared values are:

  • Professionalism (Health professionals’ code of ethics & respect of human rights)
  • Equality & Fairness (equal opportunities & treatment for all – avanoatutusa)
  • Culture (open & no blame, avafatafata, vafealoa’ima le vatapuia)
  • Quality (achievement of approved standards)
  • Commitment (dedication and honesty to the service)
  • Teamwork (sharing and working in quality partnership)
  • Clean Environment (instilling a clean working culture at all times)

Our Slogan
“Your Health is Our Priority”